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Nursing Panel Includes Military, Agencies and Red Cross

Armed Forces Day is a time Americans set aside to honor people actively serving in the military. At the American Red Cross, we’d like to recognize the dedicated members of the Federal Nursing Service Council.

Federal Nursing Service Council members include the top nurses for the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Public Health Service. The Chief Nursing Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Red Cross Chief Nurse are also Council members.

Together, the Council represents more than 125,000 nurses responsible for the care of 8.5 million people, many of them veterans, members of the military and their families.

Recently, the Council met at American Red Cross national headquarters to develop its 2012 Strategic Plan. Strategic goals align the Federal Nursing Service Council with the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) report on the Future of Nursing, the study recommending changes to transform the nursing profession and position nurses to lead change and advance health. Earlier in the year, the American Red Cross National Nursing Committee similarly aligned its strategic goals with the IOM Future of Nursing report.

2012 Federal Nursing Service Council goals call for federal nurses to become more involved in helping to relieve the faculty shortage in nursing schools. Other strategies will further the quality of psychological mental health and behavioral health care, and advance the practice of and research in promoting quality and safe care.

Organized in 1943, the Council’s mission is to bring together Federal Nursing’s collective leadership and expertise to advance and strengthen professional nursing and enhance partnerships among federal agencies and the American Red Cross. Over the decades, nurse members have enriched the environment for Federal nurses and for people in their care, and have advanced professional issues and nurse leadership.