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Operation Enduring Support

Red Cross woman meeting with military service woman and her family explaining deployment services
Instead of collecting and distributing actual goods, we will now be soliciting Gift Cards to local vendors.

Operation Enduring Support was originally started to provide the community with a way to support our troops and their families from the 2-116th Infantry Battalion of the VA Army National Guard during their deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2002. Although started primarily for this purpose, the project expanded to offer assistance with grocery, household items and baby needs to ANY military family from our area that has a service member deployed and to our Veterans.

Originally, a Commissary was opened with products the families could select from free of any charges. With the return home of the 2-116th, our Family Commissary location moved out of the National Guard Armory building on Constitution Lane in Lynchburg. We no longer provide that service but are now providing a different kind of support service from our new location at the American Red Cross office on Sheffield Drive in Lynchburg.

Our new Operation Enduring Support plan will still be dependent upon the good-will of the general public from this area. Instead of collecting and distributing actual goods, such as canned foods, etc. we will now be soliciting Gift Cards to local vendors of grocery items. We hope that local individuals, faith-based groups and others will continue to make donations to Operation Enduring Support by purchasing and donating Store Gift Cards in various denominations or making financial donations in any amount which we can use to purchase Gift Cards.

Family members of deployed service members and Veterans will be able to contact the Virginia Mountain Region Service to the Armed Forces office directly at 800-625-6680 to arrange for assistance. They can also go through their Family Readiness Group Leaders or Veterans group and request a referral through them to the Regional Director. Those that qualify can pick-up a Gift Card to a local vendor for the purchase of food, household products or baby needs they may have or we will mail the cards directly to them.

We want to thank all of those in this area that have supported Operation Enduring Support thus far. It is the community that has made this project the success it has been. We also hope that the public will continue to support this project and our local military families by purchasing Gift Cards and sending them to the Virginia Mountain Region Service to the Armed Forces office, 1007 Sheffield Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502 or one can drop them off at our office Mon. – Fri. 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Help us keep Operation Enduring Support a viable project!