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Partnering to Deliver Hope 365

San Manuel Band of Indians - Hope 365
There are very few organizations that exemplify the spirit of giving like the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Often many people associate the American Red Cross with donating blood or large devastating disasters, like those seen on television, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, last year, the American Red Cross Inland Empire Chapter responded to 176 disasters primarily, residential fires, and assisted 705 individuals. Responding to disasters is only part of what the chapter does 365 days a year. The chapter provided education and training to more than 40,000 through community presentations and various public events, delivered over 600 emergency communication messages to service members serving around the world and supported our nation's veterans by working in partnership with the Loma Linda VA Hospital.

"HOPE 365" was designed to be proactive to create awareness, educate, train, prepare and increase support of the American Red Cross Inland Empire Chapter to deliver its mission 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Through Community Disaster Education, Preparedness and Outreach, CPR and First Aid training, Disaster response, and continued support of our Service to Armed Forces. It is through partners of HOPE 365 like San Manuel Band of Mission Indians that enables the Red Cross to continue to transform a life in crisis into a life of hope and ensure that those affected by disaster return to a sense of normalcy as quickly as possible.

There are very few organizations that exemplify the spirit of giving like San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. Their understanding of how important it is to reduce human suffering during and after a disaster can be seen in their commitment to be a Red Cross partner in response, and recovery not only here in our community, but across the country. When disasters threaten or strike San Manuel is always at the forefront supporting the American Red Cross to deliver our humanitarian mission.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians understands that disasters don’t only happen when the winds are blowing or the ground is shaking. They understand that everyday in their community and around the nation disasters occur. As a sign of support for these “silent disasters” the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has supported local, national, and international response. Knowing that responding to disasters is only half the battle, in 2011-2012 the tribe once again committed to being a partner and supported HOPE 365 in the following four areas:

  • Disaster Response: Maintain San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Disaster Response fund to support local single and multi-family fires with shelter (temporary housing), food and clothing.
  • Preparedness: Support the chapter’s 20% increase in its Community Disaster Education activities, preparedness training and outreach to San Bernardino County residents.
  • Training: Provide Adult CPR with AED, Child/Infant CPR and First Aid training and certification to 1,000 San Bernardino County residents in English and Spanish. Training is provided through a full scholarship, discount voucher or community held event as a result of San Manuel’s partnership.
  • Education: Sponsor the chapter’s hosted Disaster Preparedness Academy in 2012 and to train an additional 500 volunteers, community members and partners in Red Cross disaster response courses including, shelter operations, feeding, client casework, public affairs, and emotional support to increase the number of individuals and volunteers who can respond and assist during a disaster.
  • The partnership between the American Red Cross and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians provides HOPE 365 to those in need during and after an emergency.