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Quincy Volunteers Rise to the Occasion

Sandbaggers of all ages take a break to enjoy refreshments from the Red Cross
It’s very rewarding doing this, and brings me a since of joy and pride

The rain clouds that have plagued Quincy for the last few days departed today to reveal a swollen Mississippi River that is threatening businesses and homes in Adams County. Red Cross volunteers arrived at Gardner Denver INC, to the sight of employees and community volunteers filling sandbags. The American Red Cross provided lunch and some much need encouragement.

Lynn Larkin, a volunteer with the local chapter was thankful that she could be there to support her community. “It’s very rewarding doing this, and brings me a since of joy and pride," Larkin remarked as she handed a sandwich to a young sandbagger. Although Larkin has been with the Red Cross for 3 years, this is her first time out with the canteen team.

People of all ages were eager to fill up the sandbags to help protect and prepare the community from the rising water levels. Shane Mason, an employee of Gardner Denver INC, remarked, “I’m here because I enjoy my job and I want to help protect this facility.” Mason, along with the other volunteers, all shared the hope that the sandbags will help protect Gardner Denver INC, which is right by the river.