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RERP Training in South Jersey

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"I'm very proud of our team in this mock shelter drill" James Shew, SJ Region Disaster Program Mgr

Disaster Training is a big part of American Red Cross South Jersey Region’s work.  Recently a mock shelter event was held at the Woodruff School in Seabrook as part of preparedness training for a radiological disaster.  In the event of a radiological disaster, Red Cross is responsible for sheltering and will work closely with local and federal agencies to provide a safe place for local evacuees.  The mock sheltering event simulated opening a shelter just as we would if a real disaster occurred and was conducted with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Cumberland County OEM. Over a dozen Red Cross volunteers and employees participated in the mock shelter and inspectors graded the Red Cross performance as part of their review.  Everything went smoothly with this multi- agency exercise and the South Jersey Region Disaster Team welcomed the opportunity to participate and learn more about NRC and Cumberland OEM’s roles in the event of a radiological disaster.