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Red Cross Day, Volunteers Celebrated at Boston City Hall

boston city hall councillors celebrate red cross volunteers 2013

The day started with American Red Cross volunteers excited to line up emergency response vehicles on Boston’s City Hall Plaza. It ended with teary-eyed volunteers getting a standing ovation from the Boston City Councilors themselves on March 6.

Boston is not only the largest city in our region but it is our largest response area. The bulk of our Boston Food Pantry clients are from Boston, and last year we assisted 191 families in Boston during disaster last year.

Red Cross Day included a demonstration on City Hall Plaza where different response vehicles were lined up. Passers-by could inspect the Sprinter from the North Shore, trucks that can shelter clients at disasters, small chapter vehicles and even the insides of a shelter trailer stocked with enough items to serve 100 displaced persons. Inside City Hall, at a meeting attended by nearly every councilor’s office, Red Cross CEO Jarrett Barrios and the programs team talked about the services the Red Cross could provide constituents.

City Council President Stephen J. Murphy presented Jarrett Barrios with a resolution noting March as Red Cross Month in the city of Boston. When asked to thank the Red Cross for all it does in Boston, the councillors stood and applauded the volunteers, who were donning Red Cross jackets, sitting in the audience.

Barrios was then invited to speak, when he took an opportunity to invite Red Cross volunteers and staff to join him to be celebrated.

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