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Red Cross Helping Dozens of Evacuees in Marysville

Fire response
Twenty-two Red Cross volunteers responded to help those impacted.

Volunteers from the American Red Cross provided comfort and shelter to residents of the Windsor Place apartments where fire broke out early Sunday morning, collapsing the upper floors of a multi-unit apartment building. Forty-five of the 47 units were occupied.

The building is now boarded and residents will not be permitted to return. A shelter has been established at a nearby recreation center, which is part of the housing development. Several residents were planning to spend the night there. Red Cross volunteers and emergency service staff members are working closely with the property manager to identify housing options for the residents. Some will be relocated to a few available units in buildings on the property, and others may move into units elsewhere in Marysville as soon as tomorrow.

Twenty-two Red Cross volunteers responded to help those impacted. Some of them retrieved medicines from each of the affected units, and additional medical health services are being provided by nearby Memorial Hospital of Union County. Two of the Red Cross volunteers working with the residents are a couple from Dublin who returned yesterday from a deployment to Arkansas to help tornado victims. So far, the American Red Cross has helped 30 individuals impacted by the Marysville disaster, many of whom have been invited to stay with families and neighbors nearby. Substantial additional assistance is likely to be provided tomorrow as more of the residents find themselves needing clothing and shoes, at a minimum.

The community is rallying to help. Dinner was donated by KFC with help from the Bible Baptist Church, which is also providing transportation to the nearby YMCA for those who'd like to take showers. The Red Cross is also coordinating with several Union County agencies offering housing assistance, mental health services and other means of support. Many of the residents had cats that were rescued by volunteers...and the animals are being housed in the garage area of the shelter, in crates donated by Hospets.