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Red Cross Helps Stranded Motorists on I-70

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Two Shelters Opened in Vail Due to Road Closure

Denver, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 — The American Red Cross opened two emergency shelters overnight to help motorists who were stranded due to hazardous weather and road closure along I-70..

Just before midnight, March 14, Vail Police Department requested that the Red Cross open shelters to support stranded motorists. The Red Cross activated shelter teams and opened two shelters, one at the Vail Municipal Building and one at Vail Chapel, both located in Vail, CO. 

A total of 60 motorists took advantage of the shelters in Vail as Red Cross provided food, cots and blankets. The shelters remained open through the night and closed at 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 15, when weather and road conditions improved.

Traveling in the mountains can be challenging when hazardous winter weather occurs. If you are planning travel in mountain areas the Red Cross recommends that you check the forecast prior to your departure and that you travel with emergency supplies that will help you survive should you get stranded. For winter preparedness and safety information please go to Emergency preparedness information and warning messages are available on the Red Cross mobile app, Emergency. This app is downloadable for iPhone and Android phones and tablets at or at your preferred app provider.

Travelers in Colorado can also visit COTRIP.ORG or call 511 to find out about the latest road conditions.