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Red Cross Offers Safety Tips to a Fun-Filled Halloween Evening

Albany 10/15/12 Red Cross Offers Safety Tips to a Fun-Filled Halloween Evening

With Halloween approaching, the American Red Cross Northeastern New York (ARCNENY) is reminding families to take precaution, talk with their children and practice safety hazards together prior to a night of fun-filled trick-or-treating.

With the excitement that surrounds the occasion, it’s easy to forget certain safety precautions that are important while celebrating the upcoming holiday. Here are some tips that can help prevent unnecessary problems and making sure that Halloween is not only fun, but safe for the entire family:

Plan your route for Halloween ahead of time. Instilling a route will ensure the safety of your children and yourselves.

  • No children under 12 should be unaccompanied without an adult
  • If your child is 12 to 17 years of age, map out what areas or neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating in and stick to your route. If a local map of the neighborhood is available, make sure to highlight approved areas within the neighborhood with your child
  • Decide whether or not you will walk outside or use a vehicle
  • If there are no street lights ensure that you’ve made yourself visible to vehicular traffic. Use a flashlight for children and parents can use reflective tape or clothing for visibility as well
  • If your child has identification, make sure they carry it with them at all times
  • If there are not sidewalks, use the edges of the road
  • Look both ways before crossing any busy streets
  • Avoid walking on yards, in alleys, or between parked cars
  • Do not visit any houses whose lights aren’t on
  • Always watch your child as they approach any porch or entry way
  • Remember to establish a time that your child or teenager should return home by
  • If you plan on driving your vehicle for the route you are planning to use for Halloween, take precaution as well.

  • Remember to go slow; be aware that there will be adults and children walking throughout the neighborhoods and on the streets
  • Use your headlights to stay more visible
  • Make sure to take extra precaution before your child approaches an unfamiliar house
  • If you’re driving, don’t wear masks, hats or helmets of any kind
  • Remind your child when exiting the vehicle to exit from the curbside only
  • When receiving candy it is best that your child knows what to accept and what not to accept from houses.

  • Before going out, make sure you remind your child to not accept any candy that he/she is allergic to
  • Remind your child that no candy or treat is to be eaten until it has been inspected by you; ensuring that if anything out of the norm has been placed in the child’s bag you will find it before they eat it
  • Anything that is open or damaged should be thrown out immediately
  • Keep small pieces of candy away from younger children
  • Keep the number for the Poison Control Center on hand (1-800-222-1222)