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Red Cross Providing Support to First Responders at the Lafayette Grand Theatre

Lafayette, LA - July 24, 2015 Since late yesterday evening, our American Red Cross Mass Care and Logistics team has been coordinating with Lafayette Parish officials to provide support for the first responders on scene at the Lafayette Grand Theater shooting. At the request of the Lafayette Office of Emergency Preparedness, Red Cross mobilized an Emergency Response Vehicle to provide food, snacks and water to the first respodners throughout the night. Seven Red Cross volunteers from the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas were on the scene since the early hours of the morning. This morning, volunteers remain on site to provide this service to the first responders. We will continue to provide support as requested by the Lafayette Parish officials.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims and our Acadiana community in the wake of this tragedy.

Red Cross is grateful to our community partner Cypress Bayou Casino in St. Mary Parish who donated meals last night to be distributed by our Red Cross volutneers and to our community partners donating breakfast and coffee for our first respodners this morning.