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Red Cross Puts Preparedness in The Bag

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Take the three key steps to emergency preparedness: Make a plan, have a kit and be informed.

A partnership of Wyoming emergency management and preparedness agencies recently distributed 10,000 emergency preparedness bags to help Wyoming residents improve their ability to be ready for disasters.

The bags serve a dual purpose: on the inside, they can hold the personalized contents of an emergency go-kit; on the outside, they feature a write-on surface where recipients are encouraged to fill in the details of their personal emergency plan. 

“The idea is to give residents a tool that they can fill up and fill out now so that they can grab it quickly and have most of their essential needs handy if and when a disaster strikes,” said Spencer Pollock, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Wyoming. 

The Red Cross was part of a multi-agency partnership to design, purchase, fill and distribute the bags throughout the state. Other Wyoming partners in the effort included the Office of Homeland Security, Citizen Corps, Department of Health, Serve Wyoming, Wyoming All Hazards Association, United Way, State Forestry Division, Department of Family Services, State Fire Marshal's office, National Weather Service, 211 and more. 

“We want people to take the three key steps to emergency preparedness: Make a plan, have a kit and be informed,” Pollock said. “Each of these steps is essential, and you need to take action before disaster strikes.”

One side of the bag is the “plan” section, where recipients can fill in the blanks to outline their emergency  meeting point outside of the neighborhood, out-of- town emergency contact, local radio station, CPR & First Aid certification, and the date of the last time they updated the supplies in the emergency kit.  The other side of the bag is printed with a check box of the items you should include in the emergency kit, such as water, food, flashlight, first aid kit, battery powered/crank radio, medication (7 day supply), multi-purpose tool, copies of personal documents, cell phone and charger, emergency blanket, family & emergency contact info and pet supplies.

If you would like to get yourself and your loved ones prepared, download the Free Red Cross Emergency App or visit this preparedness page: or .