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Red Cross Releases Report on Haiti Earthquake Donations

People of the Capital Region can be proud that their donations are making a significant difference in thousands of Haitians’ lives,” said Gary Striar, CEO Red Cross Northeastern New York.

The American Red Cross recently released a three-year update on its response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The report, which can be found at, shows that hundreds of thousands of people are living in safer homes and have improved access to water and health services thanks to the generous donations following the earthquake.

“The American Red Cross remains dedicated to wisely spending the money donated for Haiti’s recovery, and the people of the Capital Region who so generously supported our work can be proud that their donations are making a significant difference in thousands of Haitians’ lives,” said Gary Striar, CEO for American Red Cross Northeastern New York Region (ARCNENY). “This past year has been about making progress permanent by continuing to move people from camps into safer homes, building hospitals that will last, and ensuring that communities are better prepared for future disasters.”

Generous donations poured in from people throughout the Northeastern New York Region of the American Red Cross. In total, $1.23 million was raised in ARCNENY to support the international relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

In addition to helping move more people out of camps, the Red Cross continued its work to upgrade transitional homes and repair permanent homes. Much of the past year has involved transitioning toward projects that are aimed at building long-term solutions to meet more than just individual or family needs. This includes investing in the creation of fully functioning and resilient communities, from infrastructure and housing solutions to health, sanitation, livelihoods and disaster preparedness.

Since the earthquake in 2010, American Red Cross programs in Haiti have:

  • Provided clean water and sanitation services for more than 545,000 people;
  • Invested more than $65 million in health services and infrastructure, including construction or operational funding for several hospitals;
  • Reached 3.1 million people with cholera response and prevention activities, including the country’s first-ever cholera vaccination campaign;
  • Assisted more than 465,000 people to be better prepared for disasters like Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Sandy;
  • Spent more than $32 million on livelihoods assistance, including grants, job training, cash-for-work and other help.
  • Virtually all of the $486 million donated to the American Red Cross following the earthquake has been spent, committed or allocated for planned housing and neighborhood recovery, health, clean water and sanitation or disaster preparedness projects. The American Red Cross remains committed to its support for Haiti and to its promise to continue to invest in the nation’s development until every last dollar has been spent.