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Red Cross Shelter Open In Sterling, CO

Red Cross volunteer helping lady in a shelter

 Contact:        Melody Storgaard

Cell:   970-815-2212




For Immediate Release



Red Cross Shelter Opened in Sterling


Fort Collins, CO – May 24, 2015 - 10:30 a.m. - UPDATE The American Red Cross is responding to a flooding in Sterling where a shelter is open at the American Legion Post 50, 1602 Us Hwy 6.


A Red Cross shelter was opened at 10:30pm on 5/23 due to residents dispatched due to the flooding located North of Sterling. Four volunteers have staffed the shelter that had 27 residents at 2am. Breakfast was donated by McDonald’s. Lunch today is being donated by Subway. The shelter is currently open and is being monitored. Volunteers will continue to monitor the situation.


There are no available pictures at this time.


More information may be released as updates become available.


For more information about flooding or to donate to help the Red Cross help local residents affected by disaster like this one, visit