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Red Cross helps Logan County prepare against future flooding

Preparing now with preventative resources will help reduce the damage and losses disasters can bring

The amount of reaction time is crucial in the event of a flood and sandbagging is often necessary to stop the waters rushing. However, sandbagging takes a lot of materials and manpower to execute. The American Red Cross has found an innovative way to help local communities: distributing "sandless" sandbags ahead of time to communities in Logan County.

The devices, called FloodSax®,  are capable of absorbing up to 45 pound of water in just five minutes. FloodSax® is stored dry and flat and then when they come in contact with water they immediately expand because of biodegradable polymer crystals. Resembling a fluffy, white pillow, FloodSax mold to their surroundings as they active, forming a tighter fit than sandbags.

On Monday, April 28, the Red Cross Northern Colorado Chapter distributed an entire pallet - about 480 of the devices - to Logan County emergency management; local community officials and emergency managers will then be able to distribute in the community where they see fit.

"Preparing our flood-prone communities now with preventative resources will help reduce the damage and losses that disasters can bring," said Adam Rae, Preparedness Lead for the Northern Colorado Chapter.

Colorado residents are also encouraged to download the Free Red Cross Flood App, which walks you through what to do before, during and after a flood and can alert you to flooding and flash flooding in the areas you choose to monitor. Visit for more information.