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Red Cross logistics leader trains with international crew

Eastern MA 09/19/12 Red Cross logistics leader trains with international crew

Photo info: From left, Lechner Werner of the Austrian Red Cross and Luis Matnog of the American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts listen to a facilitator discuss team skill diagnosis at an international training program in Finland.

It’s an exciting week for American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts.

Luis Matnog, Deputy Chief of Readiness and Response Emergency Services, is participating in Field Team Leader Training this week in Nynas, Finland. The purpose of this course is to strengthen the team leadership skills among the organization’s most experienced disaster managers, and will focus on the strategy, operational management and relation elements of leadership. After carefully reviewing all suitable candidates, Matnog was selected to participate due to his high level of expertise, skills and background in the area.

Matnog, who lives in Malden, has a long history of leadership in emergency services. The Philippine native led the search and rescue team after the 1990 volcanic eruption and earthquake in the Philippines. After relocating with his family to the United States in 2004, Matnog started volunteering for the Red Cross. His skills and knowledge made him an invaluable asset to the Disaster Response Team and he was later appointed Disaster Response Coordinator.

Now serving as the Deputy Chief of Readiness and Response, Matnog has travelled to a number of disaster stricken countries - most recently Haiti - to help lead in the emergency relief efforts. We look forward to Matnog bringing what he has learned from his international training to the Eastern Massachusetts office in Cambridge.