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Responding To Disaster, Mohawk Valley

woman holding baby picture and clothes

Robin holds up her favorite outfit along with a picture of her son wearing the outfit when was approximately 3 months old. This picture was taken as Robin Hudson tried to dry out the clothes she had saved for the past 17 years!

She is a wonderful woman and I am blessed to have met her. - Red Cross volunteer Missy Lundeen about Robin Hudson

More than 200 Red Cross volunteers every day are helping people get back on their feet with recovery planning, health services and emotional support after the devastating floods that hit the Mohawk Valley. Trained Red Cross caseworkers meet one-on-one with people who need extra help with unmet emergency needs and assist them in creating recovery plans. Red Cross volunteer Missy Lundeen was in Oneida NY when she noticed Robin Hudson laying baby clothes out on her driveway to dry and, hopefully, be saved.

Robin was saving these outfits to be used for a display along with pictures of her son 17 year old Brandon Barbano wearing each piece. She was going to use this display at Brandon’s graduation from Oneida High School next year. Unfortunately the baby items sustained sufficient damage from the flood waters.

Even though Missy spent only a short time with Robin, she was there to give her water a clean-up kit a listening ear and a much needed hug. Red Cross volunteers take time out of their busy lives to not only provide disaster victims with basic needs, but to listen and comfort those who have a heartbreaking story such as Robin’s.