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Rio Colorado Chapter Response Vehicles are Home

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles

Your Bay City and Victoria Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV), that were part of the entire 320 fleet used in NYC Sandy response, have returned home!

Many vehicles, like the one we have at the chapter, had to be driven to the East Coast by volunteers, and others were flown in to meet the immediate needs of the disaster relief operation.

While in the East Coast these vehicles were used to help transport relief supplies to support the Red Cross Shelters. Items such as shelter cots, food, blankets and other items were mobilized.

As feeding sites were established their secondary role was to provide meals daily to disaster victims affected by Super Storm Sandy. Each vehicle has the capacity to provide 1,500 meals per day or 500 meals at a time. They would roll out to affected zones and drive up and down the streets announcing over the PA systems the items onboard. “American Red Cross, we have warm meals and beverages.”

In addition to those roles, the vehicles provided disaster victims with immediate disaster items. The spectrum of items distributed ranged from warm meals, gloves, tarps, blankets, and other recovery items like clean up kits and personal hygiene items.

Truly the vehicles are a beacon of hope for many disaster victims. Our ability to support the Red Cross mission would be difficult to accomplish without them. At times they blur and become humanized individuals in our minds and we say "Thank You ERVs for your service and your dedication to help others, welcome back!"