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Saving A Life at Penn State

Centre Communities Red Cross Saves A Life
A Penn State student and instructor, trained in Red Cross CPR, save a life using CPR after a man collapses at a Penn State fitness facility.

In the photo from left to right: Ron Danner (victim), Daria Oller (nominee), Alison Krajewski (nominee)

Ron Danner, a retired Penn State faculty member was playing squash at a fitness facility on campus with a friend on April 13, 2012. Suddenly he stopped and said “wait a moment.” Then he collapsed. A person on a neighboring court ran over, and the two men observed that the victim was changing color and losing vital signs. The second man ran for help within the building, and the victim’s friend called the University Police. Daria Olller and Alison Kajewski graduate student and an instructor responded and began CPR. When police officers Randy Hoffman and Michael Baker arrived, they brought an AED. They all continued CPR and use of the AED until an ambulance arrived.

The graduate student, the instructor, and the two police officers were trained by Red Cross. One of the police officers is a volunteer instructor for the chapter and an authorized provider instructor on the campus.

Some time had elapsed since the victim’s collapse, and the responders did not expect a good outcome. However, the two lay responders were thrilled when one of the police officers called them from the hospital to let them know the patient was strong enough to be transported by helicopter to another facility. The patient commented that it was “a VERY GOOD Friday for him.”