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Services to Armed Forces launches Victuals for Veterans

Eastern MA News 2012 12/6/2012 Services to Armed Forces launches Victuals for Veterans

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Veterans living at the Bedford Veterans Quarters were in awe as they watched American Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts staffers bundle groceries together on Dec. 6, handing out five bags at a time to each vet.

It marked the launch of a new pilot program – Victuals for Veterans, a new initiative to feed veterans led by Services to the Armed Forces [SAF] and the Red Cross Food Pantry.

“We’re all aware of the need within the veteran community for a wide gamut of assistance,” said Lynn Levine, SAF program manager. “Our value is in the ability to fill gaps in those services, and one of them is making sure that veterans have, at the very least, food on the table.”

Staffers handed out fresh produce, bread, eggs, hummus and miscellaneous items to more than 40 veterans on Dec. 6, while David Andre, director of food programs, helped vets register for food stamps.

The mobile food pantry will make a stop at the New England Centre for Homeless Veterans later this month, and will return to Bedford in the future.