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Students are “Stayin’ Alive” with Red Cross

These students are really involved with our community with helping people and they are truly serving their fellow man

Jessica Ranck, a junior at Susquehanna University, was on a mission on April 15th to teach almost 60 students how to save a life. The students gathered on a Sunday afternoon to learn how to perform “Hands Only” CPR, a technique that simply requires the care giver to push hard and fast in the center of the chest of the collapsed person. Ten students wearing t-shirts that said “Push Hard, Push Fast” were specially trained as presenters for the course to assist Ranck.

Using a small, compressed foam device, which closely simulates the density of a person’s chest, students learned correct hand placement for CPR. Ranck taught the students how to press down hard and fast enough to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. Rhythm is important in CPR, Ranck blasted the Bee Gees song, “Stayin’ Alive,” to which students pressed hard and fast. “Hands Only” CPR can be taught in as little as half an hour.

State Representative Fred Keller was in attendance and said “It was a pleasure to have been invited to such an event. These students are really involved with our community with helping people and they are truly serving their fellow man.” Keller said that, following his training, he would indeed step up to help if he saw someone in need.

Ranck was excited to see such a good turnout, and said she enjoyed planning the event. “I think it was a success because the students and Susquehanna community at large are so wonderful. We are truly a service-oriented campus. Personally, I think this was an incredibly important event because you can be anywhere and encounter someone having a cardiac emergency.”

“This simple hands-only CPR technique is easy to remember and perform. We had a lot of fun at the training listening to "Stayin’ Alive" and other songs with the correct “CPR” tempo. I hope that those trained will be willing and able to respond in an emergency, and also be motivated to go to the Red Cross to get fully certified.”

The American Red Cross would like to thank the following organizations and businesses that participated in the event: Alpha Phi Omega, the Susquehanna University Center for Civic Engagement, the Susquehanna Student Activities Committee, Weis Markets, Giant, Stay Sweet Cupcakery, Flip Salon and Spa, and Papa John's.