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Superstorm Sandy Case Work in New Jersey

South Jersey Red Cross Sandy Relief
What would I need if I were in their shoes? - Janet Hoppe

Janet Hoppe is motivated to help people and give back to her community, no matter where that community may be. The Alaska resident and US Forestry employee has volunteered and worked in diverse communities across the country. Janet was introduced to Red Cross programs while in Alaska when she participated in a community volunteer disaster preparation training weekend. She realized her love for adventure and compassion for her fellow man blended well with the mission of the Red Cross to provide food, shelter and emotional support during National disasters.

Janet received her first deployment on Oct. 27, 2012, two days before Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast. Janet flew into Baltimore, Maryland and joined a team of volunteers waiting for the

storm: sharing stories of past adventures and offering survival tips to new volunteers. When the storm started moving out of the area, Janet was relocated to New Jersey and joined a Red Cross shelter team assigned to partner with a community organization to shelter people who had lost power in their homes. The interesting clients, the community volunteers, and the hardworking team members, now friends,

all contributed to a great first deployment. Early December, Janet

was deployed to New York and was assigned to a shelter in Nassau County. As the cots emptied, Janet was reassigned to bulk distribution in the Jamaica-Queens and Rockaway areas. When helping with delivering supplies, she saw first- hand the community efforts, the community resources, and the community spirit. Closer to Christmas, she joined a ‘Breakfast with Santa’ event made possible by the joint efforts of Red Cross volunteers and community organizations.

Today, on her third deployment for Superstorm Sandy Recovery, Janet is

a Client Case Reviewer in New Jersey. Each case is handled on an

individual basis as she works with her team to fill client needs. “I

put myself in their situation and ask myself: What else would I need if I were in their shoes?” Knowing client casework teams are diligently committed to providing their highest level of skills, Janet is assured that Superstorm Sandy survivors have the best opportunity to recover and to rebuild their lives.