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Think Outside the (Gift) Box

The greatest gifts are those with meaning. And what more meaningful gift is there than saving the day for someone in need?

The Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog lets you do just that. You can even send a free greeting card to friends or family to let them know you’ve given a gift in their honor.

To get you started, here are our five most popular gifts:

Military Comfort Kits The journey from field to hospital for a wounded veteran can be lonely and frightening. You can make sure that a wounded patriot arriving at a military or VA hospital is welcomed with a Red Cross Comfort Kit. Each kit contains meaningful items such as a phone card, robe and shower shoes, toiletry items, calendar and an iTunes card. Gift of the Month With the Gift of the Month, you can be there every month to give people in crisis a hot meal, a place to sleep, or a shoulder to lean on in time of need. Your impact will be constant and unforgettable. Patriot Calling Cards You can make sure that active duty service members and wounded warriors can get in touch with family and friends, and help make being away from home just a little more bearable. Blankets In the aftermath of a disaster, children and families can be at risk of exposure and hypothermia. A warm blanket helps provide a sense of security and safety. Red Cross blankets provide warmth and protection from the elements, as well as making cots in shelters more comfortable. Vaccinations for Children Overseas Despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine, measles still kills an estimated 450 people each day, mostly children. Together with our Measles Initiative partners, the Red Cross educates families about the dangers of this disease and encourages mothers to bring in their children for measles vaccinations. For less than $1, we can vaccinate a child against measles and provide lifetime protection against this deadly disease.

Go to the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog to see even more gift ideas.