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Thirteen displaced by North End fire

Eastern MA - Thirteen displaced by North End fire

A four-alarm fire Tuesday night displaced 13 residents of Boston’s North End, three of them college students about to start the school year.

The American Red Cross was called to the scene and was able to assist seven of the 13 displaced. One was given emergency temporary shelter (a hotel stay) and all seven were given emergency funds for food and clothing.

We were also able to provide:

1 blanket

10 comfort kits, which contain toiletries like combs and toothbrushes

18 smoke packs. Fire is traumatic, and rescuing a favorite quilt or sweatshirt from a fire can be a great comfort, but only if the smell of smoke can be removed. Smoke packs have heavy-duty detergents that do just that.

After asking for a place to interview those affected by fire, Frank Zano and his mother Lucia opened their restaurant Cafe Pompeii on Hanover Street to the American Red Cross and the office of Mayor Tom Menino. After telling Red Cross volunteers that their money would not be accepted and that the North End is known for its hospitality, the Zano family served meals in the middle of the night to 20 people.

Can you help? The American Red Cross is funded entirely by donors willing to help those in their greatest need. Giving of your time or money can make the difference during a disaster. Please contact us at RedCross.Org for ways you can offer assistance.

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