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Volunteer Q & A: The Collins’ (Jamestown)

The Collins', Minn-Kota
Work some, volunteer some and play some.” - The Collins'

David and Cecelia Collins, recently retired, live by the motto “Work some, volunteer some and play some.” With close to a year under their belts, these new Red Cross volunteers have shown how giving a little time can bring all aspects of their motto to their lives.

Why did you decide to volunteer with the Red Cross?

We decided to volunteer with the American Red Cross after hearing firsthand about how helpful the Red Cross was to the victims of the floods in the Minot area. Friends from Minot couldn’t say enough about how much they especially appreciated the meals.

How have you been involved?

So far we have completed Disaster Action Team and Response Vehicle training. This spring, we attended the Heroes Dinner in Jamestown and distributed posters for two events. Presently we are in the process of updating shelter assessment surveys for the nine-county area served by the Buffalo Valley Chapter. This involves visiting each shelter site to determine what amenities the site contains and get an idea of how much space is available.

What other aspects of the Red Cross are you interested in?

One of our goals is to become more familiar with all that the Red Cross does. (Cecelia) I would like to become a spokesperson by doing community presentations for the Red Cross. (David) I am interested in being deployed on local and regional disaster responses.

Why do you enjoy volunteering for the Red Cross?

So far we have really enjoyed the trainings and working on the shelter assessment updates. We’ve met really interesting people at all of these activities. Meeting interesting people and learning about the communities in these counties is a great experience.