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Volunteer Terri Arthur Writes Book about World War I Nurse


Hyannis, MA, December 21st, 2011 - Terri Arthur of East Falmouth, a volunteer nurse with the American Red Cross recently wrote the book: Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell, WW I Nurse.

Based on historical fact, this novel tells the story of the legendary Edith Cavell, a British nurse whose duties as a healer clashed with the demands of a ruthless occupying regime during World War I.

At the request of a brilliant but hot-headed surgeon, Edith went from London to Brussels to create Belgium’s first school of nursing. At the height of her success, the German army marched into neutral Belgium and took over her hospital and school. Swept up in the struggle to survive under the repressive and brutal control of the German occupiers, Edith was forced to make a decision when two wounded British soldiers came to her seeking asylum.

If she took them in, she would put herself in danger. If she didn’t, they would most likely die of infection or by the hands of the Germans.

Her decision plunged her into the dangerous and clandestine world of the Belgian underground, where she became an important link in the rescue of Allied soldiers. For nine months, this quiet, religious nurse, went about saving over a thousand soldiers under the very noses of the German command. What happened next is both shocking and suspenseful. It caused a worldwide outrage, shaped American public attitudes of the war, and rocked the German government.

Edith Cavell’s story is about the profession of nursing, the brutality of war, and the risks of commitment. It is a testament to one woman’s courage, resilience, intelligence, and determination to make some sense out of the violence of war. After reading the book, Anne Katz-Jacobson, RN, Cape Cod and Islands Red Cross Health Services Supervisor said: “This is an inspiring story every person should know and no one will forget. I was very moved.

The book costs $17.95 + tax and is available in the Market Bookshop in the Mashpee mall and at the Waquoit Methodist Church bookstore on Saturdays. It is also available at Barnes and Noble, other book stores can order it and you can obtain it from Amazon for Kindle, Nook and all e-book services. Terri Arthur and the Cape Cod and Islands Chapter, American Red Cross are scheduling several book signings in the near future. Terri has generously offered to donate 10% of the sale of each book atbook signings organized or sponsored by the American Red Cross, Cape Cod and Islands Chapter. Finally, the book is available directly from Terri Arthur, RN, BS, MS, 45 Bacon Farm Road, East Falmouth, Ma 02536. Tel 508 540-7213 or email

About Terri Arthur

Haunted by the images on a set of vintage postcards, Terri Arthur set about learning more about the life

and death of the British Red Cross nurse, Edith Cavell. A nurse herself, and a volunteer for the Red Cross,

Arthur was surprised to learn that none of her nursing colleagues were familiar with Cavell’s amazing story

or knew how it had influenced World War I. Arthur also discovered that none of the books about Cavell

had been written by a nurse and felt strongly that as a nurse, she could throw fresh light on the life and

career of this extraordinary woman.

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