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Volunteers Needed in Tampa Bay Florida

As we find ourselves responding every day through an active hurricane season, we are seeking help from our community to provide critical services to those in need.

Among our many volunteer opportunities, we hope to recruit a dedicated team of adult volunteers in each of our counties to work with our high school volunteers as they teach basic safety skills to children.

Last summer, over 50 middle & high school volunteers were deployed to teach lifesaving skills to young children in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco county elementary schools & community centers. These 50 youth volunteers taught over 4,000 children in a single summer. Overall, adult, collegiate, and youth volunteers taught lifesaving skills to over 10,271 children in the Tampa Bay Area last year.

They cannot do this alone, and it takes dedicated adults from all across our region to help supervise and mentor these high school volunteers as they teach first aid, water safety, hand washing, and disaster preparedness to children all across our community.

As we teach children to prepare, we will also be preparing ourselves for a busy summer disaster season. While we certainly hope for a smooth hurricane season with no incidents, we need to be prepared to respond – and for that we need more volunteers. These volunteers will also be on call to respond on our Disaster Action Teams for the disasters we will be responding to every day. We respond to 2 fires a day, on average, across our region – and the people who lose their homes receive a visit from the Red Cross…or, more accurately, from Red Cross volunteers. We hope you will be one of those volunteers responding to disasters this summer.

For more information, please contact us: 813-868-7622.

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