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What's in a Name? A Donation to Support San Gabriel Valley Preparedness

American Red Cross San Gabriel Valley - Cravens Estate Naming Opportunity
“We have already sold several tiles and have inquiries pending on some of our wonderful rooms.” - Rachelle Gayl, Director of Development at the Chapter

As a highlight of the launch of the PrepareSanGabrielValley campaign, the local Red Cross Chapter presented donors with a unique opportunity to dedicate a room, outdoor space or purchase a commemorative tile at the historic Cravens Estate. The chapter is hoping to raise $2 million dollars to support its goals.

PrepareSanGabrielValley is a three-year campaign designed to empower individuals to build resilient communities (neighborhoods, organizations and businesses) so that they can that prevent, prepare for and respond to life-threatening disasters across the San Gabriel Valley. Contributions ensure that the Red Cross is ready to travel to the front lines of any disaster; supplying meals, opening shelters, providing emergency assistance and emotional and long-term support services.

The historic property, built in the 1920s for John and Mildred Cravens, was designed by renowned San Francisco architect Lewis P. Hobart. The Cravens bought the property in 1906 and replaced an English style house with a French chateau, inspired by the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte (also inspiration for the Palace of Versailles). After the Cravens passed away in the 1940s, the estate passed through a number of owners until it was donated by Simon Zervos to the American Red Cross in 1964.

The mansion is nearly a 20,000-square foot estate made of steel reinforced concrete, brick veneer, and a Vermont slate roof. It sits on four acres of lush greenery surrounded by wrought iron gates. In 1964, the mansion was honored with the Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Award and was designated a Pasadena Cultural Landmark by the Pasadena Heritage Society.

Today the estate houses top executives for the Los Angeles Region of the American Red Cross which includes the San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter. Countless volunteers utilize the property for CPR and disaster trainings. It also serves as a headquarters for local emergency responses. In addition to Red Cross needs, this Pasadena landmark is frequented by community leaders for board meetings, special events and nearly a dozen filming and photography shoots every year.

Naming rights at the historic Cravens Estate were announced during a cocktail party on March 23, and will continue as long as the Red Cross occupies the property. Gifts may be paid over a three-year period.

“We have already sold several tiles and have inquiries pending on some of our wonderful rooms,” says Rachelle Gayl, Director of Development at the Chapter. “We’re delighted that supporters have already come forward to commit to honoring this beautiful building and the important work of the Red Cross.”

Sponsors of PrepareSanGabrielValley are Cathay Bank and Ayrshire Foundation.

Anyone interested in learning more about the naming opportunities is encouraged to contact Rachelle Gayl at (626) 376-4528 or