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World Blood Donor Day - Celebrating the gift of blood

"Celebrating the gift of Blood" 14 June, 2011

In 2011 alone, nearly 6 million people across America may require a blood transfusion. With no substitute for human blood, those in need rely on the kindness of donors. Through their generous actions, these blood donors prove how one person can make a difference in the lives of many, as one blood donation can help save more than one life.

To raise awareness about this critical issue, American Red Cross Blood Services is partnering with Nexcare™ Bandages on the third-annual Nexcare give Program. This nationwide initiative thanks blood donors and encourages others to give. The campaign kicks off tomorrow, World Blood Donor Day, and runs through the end of the month at Red Cross blood drives and donor centers across the country. During this campaign, Nexcare is providing, for free, a limited-edition collection of five fashion bandages emblazoned with the word give to demonstrate how doing good looks good too.

Supermodel Niki Taylor, a Red Cross volunteer and blood recipient, is serving as the face and voice of this year’s campaign. She credits her survival to the donors and doctors who helped save her life.

“As someone who owes her life to donors who gave blood to help someone they didn’t even know, I think giving blood is a critical community service that cannot be overlooked. Currently, however, only about eight percent of those who can give do so each year,” said Niki Taylor. “Through the Red Cross and Nexcare give program, I hope to educate people about the impact each person can have, and help them realize that helping to save a life is always in style.”

The Red Cross must collect 22,000 units of blood each weekday, and another 15,000 each weekend in order to help save the lives of patients like Niki.

Please give today.