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Statewide Response to Winter Storms

Alaska Winter Storms
Disaster relief workers are responding statewide to disasters that have affected thousands of Alaskans.

The American Red Cross of Alaska is on the ground in remote villages to help those affected by the Western Alaska winter storms and in Fairbanks where wind storms have left thousands without power over the last week. Disaster relief workers are responding statewide to disasters that have affected thousands of Alaskans. We are coordinating with city and village leaderships, school districts, and state emergency management to best serve Alaskans in need.

Disaster workers are in Kotlik, and over the last week have gone from home to home providing damage assessments and passing out relief supplies. The workers have established that 111 Kotlik residents are in need of individual assistance and 31 households have been affected by the brutal storms. Resources are being mobilized to Kotlik, including relief items such as 500 gallons of water, 140 5-gallon buckets, clean up kits and diapers.

Two more Red Cross disaster relief workers landed in Stebbins Monday afternoon from Anchorage. They have basic relief supplies that are being distributed to the community members. The volunteer workers are assessing the damages that the storms brought to the small village in southern Norton Sound, going from home to home speaking with all residents and compiling a list of the community’s needs. The items identified will be mobilized in Anchorage in conjunction with state emergency management and sent to Stebbins in the coming days.

Red Cross workers in Fairbanks are monitoring extreme weather and power outage situations in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and will be supporting warming/overnight shelters as needed. For information on shelters or disaster response in Fairbanks, call 451-8267.

The threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is a concern in the Fairbanks area, with reports of injuries coming into leadership. Residents are urged to download the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Fact Sheet and stay informed on what can be done to stay safe during this time.

You can help Alaskans affected by disaster including winter storms, flooding, power outages and home fires by making a gift at