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Thank You to Greater Long Beach Hometown Heroes Support Team

We want to thank all who contributed to making this event a success.

We just had our 11th annual Hometown Heroes Award Ceremony and, by all accounts, it was the “best yet”. Accolades keep coming in from the people and organizations that were there. The stars of the show, of course, were the heroes themselves and their stories gave us all lumps in our throats and a renewed appreciation of what people will do to help others in need. For the first time in our memory, the crowd gave the heroes a standing ovation. We want to thank all who contributed to making this event a success. The list is long and includes those sponsoring the event, organizations that made in-kind donations and those people that took time out of their busy days to attend. It also includes those who took part in the program, particularly Mat Kaplan who made the heroes’ stories come to life. We especially want to thank our dedicated Board members, volunteers and staff that worked tirelessly to ensure that thousands of critical details happened when and how they were supposed to. Pat yourselves on the back. Together, we created something special. You are truly special people. Scott Dauscher Margaret Arbini-Madonna Bill Clausen Event Chair Executive Director Chair, Board of Directors