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Celebrating the Region’s Faith-based Partnerships

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As a result of our partnerships, in FY 2014, we educated 1,096 participants in disaster preparedness.

As steady rain fell the evening of Dec. 2, the Red Cross Los Angeles Region hosted a warm reception to celebrate and recognize the organization’s much valued partnership with 86 faith-based affiliates and community partners.

Under the guidance of Osas Otasowie, Faith-Based Coordinator, Community and Volunteer Engagement, the Region has developed a unique faith-based affiliate program that serves as a link for houses of worship to equip leaders, members, and facilities with American Red Cross- approved resources for preparedness and resiliency.

At the reception, held in the West L.A. Region headquarters, the partners received certificates of appreciation and had a chance to tour the Region’s Emergency Operations Center.

Studies show that faith-based organizations have proved to be important partners in the face of disasters and many communities turn to houses of worship for safety and support during the confusion.

The American Red Cross L.A. Region has worked with faith-based affiliates and their community organizations, associations, councils and denominations with outstanding results.

“As a result of our partnerships, in FY 2014, we have educated 1,096 participants in disaster preparedness, engaged 28,750 individuals at community outreach events, received more than $169,000 in donations, trained 254 program members in CPR/First Aid, and collected 3,224 pints of blood,” said Otasowie.

“This allowed us the opportunity to let our partners know how grateful we are for their participation and support,” she added.

Click here to see a list of the Red Cross L.A. Region’s faith-based affiliates.

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