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Community Ambassadors Lead the Disaster Charge

Red Cross Los Angeles Community Ambassadors
Community Ambassadors are an integral part of mission fulfillment, acting as our eyes and ears out in their respective communities.

Community Ambassadors play a unique role within the Red Cross Los Angeles Region by leading their communities to become more resilient in the face of disasters.

With 32 Community Ambassadors now on board serving 106 local communities, these volunteers play a pivotal role in helping raise awareness about individual safety and disaster preparedness. They serve as liaisons between the American Red Cross and civic representatives, such as mayors, council members, and local government officials, as well as local media. They also interface with business leaders, civic organizations, and non-profits in order to advocate for local preparedness planning and to educate their communities about American Red Cross resources.

In July, for example, Community Ambassador Dan Thomas hosted a preparedness presentation about Red Cross Apps for small businesses at his monthly Tech Pros "Lunch and Learn” event in Torrance. This event was so successful that he was featured on the front page of the Torrance Tribune.

Community Ambassadors also support efforts for volunteer recruitment in their communities by organizing community outreach booths at local events and festivals, and they identify opportunities for the American Red Cross to collaborate with their communities, connecting the organization to local opportunities for Preparedness Education Presentations, Youth Programs, CPR/First Aid Classes, and Blood Drives.

In June, for example, Community Ambassador Chris Sanchez organized and managed the Emergency Preparedness Fair in Schabarum Park in Rowland Heights, which drew approximately 1,500 participants. The Red Cross had five tables of information as well as an Emergency Response Vehicle on display and also presented the Puppet Earthquake Preparedness Show and Preparedness Presentations.

The program is growing strong, but the Region is large, and there is still a need for more Community Ambassadors to represent an additional 166 communities. Visit to see a map of the communities that need Red Cross Community Ambassador.

“Community Ambassadors are an integral part of mission fulfillment, acting as our eyes and ears out in their respective communities,” said Morgan Moore, American Red Cross Los Angeles Region Community Relationship Coordinator.

Moore says there are specific criteria to become a Community Ambassador. They must be: passionate for the Red Cross mission, dedicated to creating a self-reliant community, comfortable building relationships with community leaders, comfortable in a leadership role, and comfortable using discretion and representing the American Red Cross in a professional manner.

Those interested in applying to become American Red Cross Community Ambassadors should contact Morgan Moore at or (310) 903-7615. Community Ambassador applicants must be (or become) Red Cross volunteers. Applicants will be asked to schedule a phone interview with Morgan Moore and to submit a bio detailing any related experience, volunteer work and describing their relationships with businesses, organizations, and/or local government in their community.