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Home Fire Prevention Comes to Pasadena

home fire pasadena
The initiative is aimed at reducing the alarming number of home fires in the Los Angeles Region.

As a result of a major canvassing effort Jan. 10 in Northwest Pasadena by Los Angeles Red Cross volunteers and partner agencies, 40 households are set to receive a free check of their smoke detector, and if necessary, a free new alarm.

The canvassing effort, which continues on Jan. 18 and 24 with the installation taking place Jan. 31, is part of the American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. The initiative is aimed at reducing the alarming number of home fires in the Los Angeles Region.

The canvassing on the 10th included more than 30 Red Cross volunteers, Pasadena City firefighters and cadets, CERT members and Pasadena's "Disaster Advisory Council" representatives. After meeting t at Pasadena’s Jackie Robinson Park, they worked side-by-side visiting more than 120 homes. The area was selected because it is a vulnerable neighborhood in terms of its high number of fire incidents.

In the past five years in Pasadena, there have been seven home fire fatalities, 18 home fire injuries, 487 home fires that the Fire Department responded to and more than 50 families affected by home fires who have been assisted by the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region Home Fire Preparedness Campaign is part of nationwide five-year effort to reduce these numbers and help save lives. To date, the Red Cross L.A. Region has installed 175 smoke alarms in 90 residences in Los Angeles County since Oct., 2014.

In the first 11 months of 2014, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region helped more people affected by home fires than all other disasters combined. Local volunteers worked around-the-clock to provide assistance to more than 1,727 victims of home fires food, blankets and comfort when they had nowhere else to turn.

Volunteers and staff will meet again in Pasadena on Jan. 18 and 24 to continue canvassing the area from 9 am to 1 pm. Click here to volunteer. For more information, contact or

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