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L.A. Region Celebrates 99 Years of Serving the Community

los angeles 99 years
"Thank you for helping the Red Cross be there…when it matters.” Jarrett Barrios

When you think of the Red Cross, whose face do you see? At the 99th L.A. Region annual meeting held June 19 at the California Endowment, more than 170 people showed that the face of the Red Cross is everywhere across the more 88 cities that comprise the L.A. Region.

Attendees included volunteers, board members, employees, Tiffany Circle members and community partners, who all joined together to celebrate the year’s regional achievements and highlights.

The first order of business was electing officers and members of the Board of Directors. Three current board officers were re-elected to serve a one-year term expiring in fiscal year 2017: Barbara Mathews, Chair; David Allen, Vice Chair; and Andrea Davis, Vice Chair. Scott Olmsted was elected as a new Vice Chair.

Board members elected to serve an additional three-year term expiring in FY2018 include: Bruce Daly, Chadd Davis, Ron Dresher, Joan Herman, Joseph Kanimian, Scott Olmsted and Jeff Rosenfeld. In addition, the following board members, elected this fiscal year, were elected to serve a three-year term: Anne Chapman, Liz Giordano, Paul Morabito and Michael Pagano.

Board chair Barbara Mathews recognized two departing board members for their hard work on behalf of the Red Cross, Darren Seidel and David DiCristofaro. Seidel joined the board in 2008 when he was with Disney and fostered the original Disney relationship, which has become one of the most significant national Red Cross corporate partnerships. David DiCristofaro, who served for five years, including as Vice Chair, was a champion of the PrepareLA preparedness campaign since its inception in 2011, helping secure Wells Fargo as one of the campaign’s founding corporate partners.

Five volunteers participated in the event program, representing the faces of the more than 4,000 volunteers in the Region: Lisa Marie Harris, public information officer and community ambassador for Signal Hill and Avalon, a volunteer since Hurricane Katrina; Chris Sanchez, a 10-year volunteer, community ambassador in Hacienda Heights and City of Industry, and member of the region-wide Volunteer Advisor Council; Tanesiha Johonson, a Disaster Action Team (DAT) member for eight months and part of the Ready When the Time Comes partnership through Crenshaw Christian Center Church; Michael Abramson, a volunteer for 28 years, currently an External Relations Government Operations Liaison function lead with Disaster Cycle Services; and Mimi Rosicky, 4-month DAT volunteer, volunteer photographer and most recently, a case worker in Houston, Texas, working with clients impacted by severe flooding.

CEO Jarrett Barrios discussed the goals of the coming year, especially the campaigns to prepare L.A.’s most vulnerable communities for home fires and other disasters. He also recognized all the attendees who work tirelessly on behalf of the Red Cross:

“Like so many of our responses, both local and national, when the event has come and gone from the press attention, and from the public’s view, our work continues. The Red Cross remains in Texas to help folks put their lives back together, they remain in Nepal after the earthquake, and here in Los Angeles, we keep working with clients long after a home fire is over. Thank you for helping the Red Cross be there…when it matters.”

Click here to see photos of the event.