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Monterey Bay Area Welcomes New Disaster Program Manager

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle providing relief after Superstorm Sandy.
“I have a passion for the Red Cross. I really believe in their mission.”

The Monterey Bay Area Chapter is welcoming Crystal Silva as the new Disaster Program Manager for Monterey and San Benito Counties.

As Disaster Program Manager, Crystal will be responsible for evaluating the disaster readiness and response needs and ensuring volunteers receive the right training to serve their communities.

Crystal is excited to join the Red Cross, an organization she first volunteered for in 2004 while studying Anthropology and International Development at Tulane University in New Orleans. She was also a Red Cross AmeriCorps member in the summer of 2005 in South Carolina.

“I think it came full circle for me,” she said. “I have a passion for the Red Cross. I really believe in their mission.”

Volunteers carry out most of the important services the Red Cross provides the community, adds her supervisor, Tom Busk.

“Crystal’s strong suit is her ability to connect with our volunteers in both Monterey and San Benito Counties,” said Busk, who is a Senior Disaster Program Manager for the Red Cross. “Once they met her, there were a lot of happy campers!”

A California native, Crystal is also looking forward to working in the Monterey Bay Area.

“This is a great area, a beautiful place to settle,” Crystal said.

As Disaster Program Manager, Crystal has big plans for the Chapter.

“We’re focusing on expanding our volunteer base as well as our training program, so we can host more local training classes and get our volunteers more engaged,” she said.

“I want to see more volunteers at our Chapter–our counties are very large. We need volunteers with a passion and desire to help people, young and old, anyone with a desire to help would be an asset to our team,” she explained.