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Hope Shines

Drisana Bhatia, American Red Cross Capital Region
I realized the value of the help that Red Cross volunteers provided to those families and many more. - Drisana Bhatia

In October 2013, I visited American Red Cross to learn about the support that the volunteers provide during natural disasters. During that field trip, I came to know how the volunteers work day in and day out to extend their help to the people in need.

There were some pictures from Haiti, after it suffered from the earthquake. One of the pictures was just a door standing with fallen walls all around it. It moved me a lot and I felt really sorry for the families that lost homes. I realized the value of the help that Red Cross volunteers provided to those families and many more.

This poem (free verse) is my reflection of that feeling. I want to dedicate my poem to the volunteers of American Red Cross and similar organizations.

Hope Shines

The ground shook,

The ground shivered;

The shaking destroyed homes and lives.

People were stunned, injured, sobbing in pain,

Looking for loved ones.

Others rushed to help,

To comfort the injured souls.

A little girl was alone

In the middle of a damaged porch

Frightened, shocked, hungry…

Trying to find her mother.

She heard a footstep; a man coming towards her.

He gave the frightened girl some food and

A hug…

A sign of love and understanding.

Teardrops rolled down her tiny cheeks

She felt happy to be with someone.

Even in the darkest of times

A little light shines from somewhere –

The light of humanity and kindness.

In that light we dream of a better world.

A world inspired by those,

Who believe in love and care.

A world where hope shines.


Drisana Bhatia

4th Grade, Theodore Judah Elementary School

Folsom, CA


This piece was written by a local 4th grade student following a visit to our Capital Region offices to learn about the Red Cross role in disaster response.

A note from her mother stated that the visit and impact of the information cast a profound influence on her as she now realizes how change can be brought about by extending a helping hand.

This poem is a thank you to Red Cross volunteers.