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Napa Shelter Worker Nicknamed Chief Baby Officer

Disaster Relief
I’m a nurse, so I have this impulse to help.

Cheryl Woods has been helping staff the registration desk at the American Red Cross shelter in Napa, but she boasts that her real job title should be CBO – Chief Baby Officer. And she’s not far off.

Woods, a member of the Red Cross of Napa County’s Board of Directors for nine years, came to Crosswalk Community Church after the South Napa Quake for her first shelter assignment and says it’s been a blast, largely because of the clients’ babies she gets to hold, cuddle and gush over. Older children seem fond of Woods as well, as they reach out or smile when she goes by.

Woods was ecstatic as a family with a baby walked in to register about 5 p.m. on August 29. Wide-eyed, she immediately asked the mother if she could hold the cooing baby after the family checked in and had dinner. The mother seemed happy to share her bundle of joy.

“I’m a nurse, so I have this impulse to help,” said Woods, also a real estate agent and a downtown Napa homeowner. Plus, she said she just loves babies.

Woods’ own home escaped the South Napa Quake unscathed, but she said two rental properties weren’t so fortunate. One was yellow-tagged and is undergoing repairs. Woods said she was glad to help out, and considers her community lucky, as she recalled only two emergency shelters opening during the time she’s been on the Red Cross board.

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