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Red Cross Helps Redwood City Resident Following Six-Alarm Fire

2014-07-08 - Red Cross Helps Redwood City Resident Following Six-Alarm Fire
Having the Red Cross there was extremely comforting.

Michael Davi of Redwood City came home from a short trip last October to find a nightmare become reality: the apartment he had called home for the past eight years suffered water damage in a six-alarm blaze. Fortunately, the American Red Cross was there to provide the resources and emotional support necessary to him, as well as to the many others affected, to help get them back on their feet.

“It was a horrendous fire,” Michael remembered. “It was amazing that no one was killed.”

On October 17, 2013, Michael returned home late in the morning from his trip and missed the onset of the fire and the chaos of the subsequent evacuation.

“Thank God I was spared that grief,” said Michael.

Not long after firefighters and other emergency personnel came to the aid of the building’s residents, the Disaster Services Workforce from the Red Cross arrived on the scene to provide further support to those affected.

“Having the Red Cross there was extremely comforting. I really appreciated it,” he said.

Michael promptly filed a claim with his insurance company and went to stay in a hotel. Since all his belongings were wet, the Red Cross supplied him with gift cards to local retail stores so he could purchase a set of emergency clothes and shoes. In the weeks following the disaster, Red Cross counselors continued to reach out.

“The Red Cross kept calling me to check up,” said Michael. “They kept leaving me messages saying, ‘If you want to talk to someone, we’re here.’ Finally, I called them back.”

The counselors gave Michael the information and emotional support he needed.

“All the questions – how am I going to get money, where am I going to live – the Red Cross helped me with all of that,” Michael remembered. “They gave me hands-on solutions for what to expect and how to stand up for myself with the insurance adjusters.”

Michael continued to see his local Red Cross counselors every week for the next several months as he rebuilt his life following the crisis. The Red Cross provided him with the names and phone numbers of people and agencies that could further help.

“They were friends, advocates, cheerleaders,” said Michael. “I know the Red Cross had my back.”

With the aid and resources of the Red Cross, Michael can now see past this stressful, horrific chapter of his life. “For the Red Cross to walk me through that whole process was something I never expected. It was a real gift,” Michael commented.

“Now when I see the Red Cross going to help people, I know that they’re in good hands.”


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