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Volunteer Honored For Service to Latino Community

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“Edgar is very dedicated. He is always asking, searching for how he can help more."

Edgar Quesada volunteers with the American Red Cross to help reach out to the Latino community and provide them with the numerous programs and services the organization has available. In February, Edgar was honored with the Nuestro Orgullo award, given by the Red Cross Latino Community Preparedness program for his impassioned service.

“He is nuestro orgullo–our pride,” said Claudia Ponce, the Latino Community Preparedness (LCP) Manager for the Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. “Edgar is very dedicated. He is always asking, searching for how he can help more. He goes above and beyond to help the Latino community.”

The LCP program ensures that the information and resources the Red Cross offers is readily available to those who speak Spanish as their first language. With more than 30 active volunteers across the Bay Area, the LCP organizes community outreach events, provides medical help and translation services, and holds regular classes in Spanish on first aid and disaster preparedness. 

“The LCP gives the Latino community the sense that the Red Cross is there to help them, that there is someone there who speaks their language, who they can come to,” commented Paulina DeSoto, the Latino Community Organizational Resilience Specialist for the San Jose office.

“There are really valuable resources available to the community, but they need them in their own language,” said Claudia. “We find leaders in our community, like Edgar, who can help bring these resources to them.”

Edgar served as a firefighter for 12 years in Peru before immigrating to America. He first became involved with the Red Cross in 2009 in Washington D.C. When he moved to California, he continued to volunteer. He has been working with the LCP for three years.

“I like to be involved in the community, to help other people, for my community and for my country,” said Edgar, who responds to local fires with the Red Cross. He is also an instructor of CPR and disaster preparedness, teaching classes in Spanish.

In February, Edgar received the Nuestro Orgullo award, an honor given by the Bay Area LCP program to a volunteer who continuously exhibits generosity and enthusiasm in helping bring the message and support of the Red Cross to the Latino community.

“We felt that Edgar was a perfect fit for the award because he does more than he needs to, to reach out to the Latino community,” said Paulina. 

“I am so happy to be recognized,” Edgar said. “It’s good to be an example to others in my community.”

Those interested in becoming involved with the LCP program, or who want to attend one of their preparedness classes, should contact Claudia Ponce either by email at or by phone at (415) 427-8021 for more information.