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Agustin ‘Augie’ Garcia: Multi-talented Volunteer

Monterey Bay Area - Agustin Garcia
“Augie is multi-talented and does whatever needs to be done.” - Nants Foley, Preparedness Manager for the Monterey Bay Area Chapter.

Agustin “Augie” Garcia, a volunteer in San Benito County, started his volunteer career with the Red Cross this past February working behind the front desk, answering calls, and carrying out various administrative tasks.

Augie quickly moved on to giving Preparedness Presentations for both English and Spanish-speakers, and became a member of the Disaster Action Team (DAT). He is now part of the logistics and external relations teams for the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. Before he knew it, Augie was asked to take on the role of Vice Chair for Disaster Services.

Before volunteering his time with the Red Cross, Augie worked with low-income people and prepared their income taxes.

“I spent most of my life working with paperwork,” he said. “I wanted to find something else more active and hands-on.”

When asked why volunteering is important to him, Augie reminisced on the challenging circumstances of his immigration to the United States.

Having emigrated from Cuba to the U.S. many years ago with his wife and kids, Augie remembered that, “We had nothing. This country has given me a lot and has offered me an opportunity to have a good life and educate my kids.”

Red Cross staff members said Augie’s compassion and desire to give back to others is prevalent in everything he does.

“Augie is multi-talented and does whatever needs to be done,” said Nants Foley, Preparedness Manager for the Monterey Bay Area Chapter. “He is smart, funny, and compassionate.”

Augie comments that his team in San Benito is great to work with and that he is amazed at the ways in which they get involved. He appreciates just how much heart Red Cross volunteers invest in their experiences.

Thanks for all you do, Augie!

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