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Carson Daly Lends a “Voice” to Santa Monica Disaster Campaign

American Red Cross Prepare Santa Monica - Carson Daly
“Are we prepared? No. Should we be? Yes. And we’re going to be as a result of the Prepare-SantaMonica campaign.” - Carson Daly, Radio and Television Personality and Honorary Chair, Prepare-SantaMonica

Television and Radio Personality and Santa Monica resident Carson Daly has been named Honorary Chair of PrepareSantaMonica, partnering with the American Red Cross to introduce the three-year catastrophic disaster preparedness campaign.

Daly, host and executive producer of NBC's “Last Call with Carson Daly” and “The Voice,” and 97.1 Amp Radio personality, made his first appearance as Chair of PrepareSantaMonica when he addressed key local civic and business leaders at a reception in July at Santa Monica Lexus to kick off the campaign.

“Are we prepared? No. Should we be? Yes, and we’re going to be as a result of the PrepareSantaMonica campaign,” Daly said.

With support from individuals, organizations, businesses and government agencies, the goal of PrepareSantaMonica is to create more resilient communities that are better equipped to help prevent, prepare for and respond to life-threatening disasters.

As a Santa Monica native, Daly chose to support these efforts because he has been through several earthquakes and witnessed first-hand the destruction an earthquake causes. “My dad lost his shop in Santa Monica as a result of the Northridge earthquake,” said Daly, who also experienced personal tragedy on September 11, and he urged community members to plan for all types of disaster.

As Daly noted, being prepared is the most critical step in a community’s ability to recover from disaster. Yet, only 14% of Californians have made any plans for what to do before, during and after a catastrophic event.

The business community would be especially impacted by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake or higher. If a quake this size jolts the lower half of the San Andreas Fault, an estimated 430,000 businesses and 4.5 million workers would be affected, crippling the area’s economy.

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Photo: Carson Daly shows how to get ready for a disaster with the help of Robert Holbrook and Judy Beck, American Red Cross of Santa Monica Board Members. (photo by Benjamin Rapoport)