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HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates Raises Funds for Haiyan Relief

HSB donates to the Red Cross Typhoon Relief Effort

From left to right- Caryl Porte Laborde, Maria Guizar, John Marcelo, Jun Castro.

That our local businesses recognize that the Red Cross is the most effective way to get money to those in need is gratifying for our chapter. --Santa Monica CEO Julie Thomas.

The Red Cross Santa Monica Chapter recently acknowledged HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates, a local design firm, with a plaque in appreciation of their efforts to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan relief which they donated to the Red Cross. The fundraiser organized at HBA’s headquarters raised over two thousand dollars.

In response to the horrific storm, the American Red Cross continues to help families recover and rebuild. Approximately 16 million people across 40 provinces were affected by the typhoon and over one million people had their homes damaged or destroyed. The American Red Cross has received US $76 million in donations and pledges for its Typhoon Appeal (as of 1/27/14) and has spent or committed US $28 million to the global Red Cross response to Typhoon Haiyan through January 27th.

Says Julie Thomas, Santa Monica Chapter CEO: “The generosity of individuals when they see others in need is always inspiring. And, that our local businesses recognize that the Red Cross is the most effective way to get money to those in need is gratifying for our chapter.”

In addition to the purchase of emergency relief and shelter, the funds have supported the deployment of 43 disaster specialists from the American Red Cross to the Philippines. They have provided a wide range of support for sheltering activities and relief distribution, as well as technical expertise in mapping, telecommunications and information technology.

HBA is an interior design company with offices around the world. It’s known for its work on hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, restaurants and cruise ships. It has been acknowledged as the “Number 1 Hospitality Design Firm” and honored in 2013 by the Gold Key Awards, Hospitality Design, Perspective Awards, the Boutique Design Awards and the European Hotel Design Awards.

HBA’s key players in the fund raiser are John Marcelo, Senior Project Designer, fellow employee Melchor Sagun, and others in the Filipino group at Hirsch Bedner.

The American Red Cross will make additional financial commitments to the typhoon response in the Philippines as we support ongoing and long-term recovery efforts over the coming months. The Red Cross expects to spend remaining funds to support recovery needs, including home repairs, improved access to water and sanitation, and preparing communities for future disasters.