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Red Cross Provides Training to Colorado Army National Guard

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On May 18, 2014 teams from the American Red Cross presented Be Read Cross Ready (BRCR) training and Service to Armed Forces information to the Colorado Army National Guard (COARNG). Over 200 COARNG members attended the training at five COARNG armories around Colorado as part of their military readiness training effort. 

Being prepared for emergencies is an important part of everyone’s life but especially for those families who have deployable family members. In an effort to better prepare the soldiers and their families the Colorado Army National Guard has partnered with the Red Cross to bring the Be Red Cross Ready preparedness program into their training with the expectation that the soldiers would take the information to their families.

The Red Cross and COARNG have a long standing partnership that serves similar missions when it comes to disaster response. One member of the COARNG expressed it this way, “When you see the National Guard and the Red Cross on scene you know two things --- 1) that something really bad has happened and 2) that it’s about to get a whole lot better.”

The BRCR preparedness program is designed to provide individual preparedness information with the focus on the three steps to emergency preparedness. The course is interactive and designed to help families develop their 72-hour emergency kit and their family emergency plan.

In addition to the BRCR program, each of the locations were presented with Red Cross Service To Armed Forces information about how to get Red Cross services when needed. "We wanted them to get to know us before they needed us," said James Griffith, Service to Armed Forces manager. "We also talked to them about the Red Cross Safe and Well program so that they know how to keep their family links in place."

The Red Cross has been providing a variety of services to our armed forces and their families for 100 years and offering the BRCR program is an extension of that service.

To find out more about the Be Red Cross Ready program, or the Service to Armed Forces program please go to