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Red Cross Responds to 3 Major Denver-area Apartment Fires in 12 Hour-Span

Fire Safety
Over the span of 12 hours, the American Red Cross responded to three separate, large incidents

Over the span of 12 hours, the American Red Cross responded to three separate, large incidents affecting dozens of apartment units in the Denver-metro area on March 4 and 5.

Corona Village Condominiums near Thornton - Monday, March 4.  Twenty-four units were destroyed or heavily damaged by the fire. The Red Cross opened an evacuation center at Thornton High School around 4:30 p.m. Monday, and disaster volunteers met with 15 displaced families that reported to the evacuation center. The Red Cross provided the following assistance to a total of 13 people:
•    Food and clothing for two families (3 adults)
•     Lodging for one family (2 adults)
•     Food, clothing and lodging for 2 families (4 adults and 4 children)
•    The rest of the families found accommodations and support from family, friends or their insurance.

As of Tuesday afternoon, electric power to had been cut to 14 additional units due to damage to electric equipment. Structural instability has been hampering repairs to that equipment.

The Red Cross will continue to monitor the needs of displaced families. Anyone that has not been in contact with the Red Cross and who is in need of Red Cross services is urged to call (303) 722-7474, then select option 1 (Mile High Chapter) followed by option 2 (disaster) to request assistance.

Galena Street Apartment Fire – Monday, March 4 - Red Cross volunteers also responded to an evacuation caused by an explosion and resulting fire at 1347 South Galena St. in Aurora. Red Cross volunteers met with all eight families displaced by the fire and provided lodging for two families as well as
assistance for food and groceries, infant formula and lodging for one family (1 adult and 2 young children). Mental health volunteers have been notified of the incident and will be following up with affected families.

Holly Street Fire – Tuesday, March 5 – Early in the morning of March 5, yet another multi-unit fire erupted. This one was at 2190 South Holly St. in Denver. The Red Cross provided lodging for four displaced families and clothing and shoes for two of the affected families.