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Red Cross Introduces Clothing Salvage Bins in Connecticut

We are excited to offer this option for people who want to support the Red Cross.

FARMINGTON, CONN., December 31, 2014 – The American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter is placing clothing salvage bins in locations across the state. The bins, provided through a partnership with Windward Trading, will allow people to leave worn, unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles at convenient boxes and convert those items to dollars that will support the local work of the American Red Cross.

“We are excited to offer this option for people who want to support the Red Cross,” said American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region CEO Mario Bruno. “The items placed in these bins will be recycled and converted to dollars that will power our humanitarian mission.”

Bruno said the recycling bins allow people to drop off items that have outlived their usefulness, but might have value in another form. “Those worn-out shoes or clothing that has rips, stains or other damage may not be suitable to donate to a thrift store or for someone to wear again, but they have value as material that can be recycled.”

Bruno said Windward Trading, the partner managing the bins, will collect, sort, process and sell the items to recyclers and will in turn provide a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross. “This is a great way to keep items out of our landfills and give them another life, helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.”

Bruno explained that Windward Trading will maintain the bins and will collect items daily. “We want to make sure the bins and their surroundings remain neat and orderly.” The program is already operating at Red Cross chapters in Massachusetts and New Jersey. “We selected Windward Trading because of the positive experience other Red Cross chapters had with the company,” Bruno said.

Bruno noted that the program accepts a range of materials. Suitable items to place in Red Cross salvage bin include worn clothing, shoes, blankets, sheets and towels. Electronics, furniture, wood and metal are not accepted. “We know that there are other organizations out there that are collecting and distributing clothing that still has use for a new wearer,” Bruno said. “We are glad to provide an option for those items that have outlived their usefulness but have value that can be converted to support for Red Cross programs and services.”

Currently, there are nearly 30 salvage bins installed in locations across Connecticut. More are planned, Bruno said. “We hope to have bins in many more locations in the near future. The potential to help us strengthen Red Cross services in Connecticut is very exciting.”