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Busy Super Bowl Weekend in Metro New York North

superbowl 48

Photo credit: Carolyn Sherwin

Red Cross continues to help those affected by the Feb. 1 fire in New Rochelle, N.Y.

On February 1, Red Cross disaster responders were quickly on the scene as a three-alarm broke out at an apartment building on Pelham Road in New Rochelle, N.Y., during Super Bowl weekend. The blaze affected 36 apartments, leaving 70 adults and children homeless. The Red Cross opened a reception center to provide those affected with a safe, warm place to stay as well as food and beverages. Red Cross also provided first responders fighting the blaze with hot beverages and snacks.

The reception center, at the nearby Hugh Doyle Senior Center, was quickly turned into a shelter. Trained Red Cross mental health volunteers helped residents manage the stress of having their lives turned upside down by the fire. Red Crossers from around the New York region worked around the clock to help their neighbors in need. By late Sunday afternoon the shelter was closed. Red Cross caseworkers, however, will continue to work with affected residents to assess their immediate needs and provide urgent emergency assistance help them start back on the road to recovery.