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University of Delaware Red Cross Club Receives Blood Services Award

Colege boy donating blood at the Red Cross

The Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region presented the University of Delaware Red Cross Club with the Outstanding Achievement Award for a University at their recent annual meeting. Shaivi Patel, Emily Losordo and the University of Delaware Red Cross Club were honored for their efforts to increase their school-wide blood drive. The Club was able to help save the lives of 1,344 patients in one year, while also increasing the size and strength of the Club. 

The Club kicked off their first blood drive in April 2014, collecting 87 units of blood. The decision was made in the fall of 2014 that the drive should be run in two locations on the same day in order to maximize the collection. This decision resulted in 160 total units collected, nearly doubling the collection from April! This spring, only one year later, the Club was able to collect 201 units, resulting in a 231% increase of what was collected during the first drive. 

Congratulations to Shaivi, Emily and the entire University of Delaware Red Cross Club on this award and thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Red Cross!