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Fred Vestal Received April Volunteer of the Month Award

Red Cross Flag

Since he began volunteering in January 2011, Fred Vestal has been a dedicated and hard-working member of the Volunteer Service Team for Western Maryland.  Upon volunteering with the Red Cross in early 2011, Fred was a transport driver and actively maintained the VA van and sent the statistics to the Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) department each month. He continues to do this work for SAF, along with handling the ongoing maintenance of the rest of the vehicles. As Fleet Supervisor for the Hagerstown Chapter, Fred takes it upon himself to keep the vehicles washed, detailed, light bulbs changed, tune-ups when needed and always in excellent condition. 

Fred is so dedicated to his volunteer role that he makes himself available at all times. He will wait for the Van to come back to the Chapter in the afternoon to service it. He is always willing to take on extra duties and is extremely detail oriented. During inclement weather, Fred will salt our driveway and keep our folks safe by escorting them in, wait for their meeting to finish, and then help them once again on their way out of the building. If there is something that needs to be fixed in the office, Fred is always willing to take it on and does so with a smile

Fred’s kind, compassionate nature is refreshing and he is a pleasure to work with. We are truly lucky to have him as part of our team and he is a deserving recipient of the Volunteer of the Month award.