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Maui Volunteer Deploys to Mississippi in Response to Floods

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Hundreds of American Red Cross disaster workers are on the ground.

A Hawaii Red Cross volunteer is deploying to Mississippi to help with the Red Cross response to the devastating Southern floods.  Trina Shepherd, a volunteer from Maui will be assisting in Disaster Mental Health Services, where she will be helping individuals and families cope in the aftermath of the many challenging situations cause by this flood. 

Hundreds of American Red Cross disaster workers are on the ground, across the south where flooding has forced thousands of people from their homes in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

The Red Cross has opened shelters for those affected, providing meals and distributing relief supplies where it is safe to do so. More than 380 people spent Tuesday night in 31 Red Cross and community shelters in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

Since the flooding began, the Red Cross has provided more than 1,500 overnight stays in 51 shelters, served nearly 28,000 meals and snacks, and distributed 12,000 relief items including comfort kits and cleaning supplies.

In Louisiana, there were 16 Red Cross and community shelters open overnight with more than 200 residents taking refuge in them. This is the largest sheltering operation for the Red Cross in Louisiana since Hurricane Gustav and Ike in 2008, and Hurricane Isaac in 2012. As many as 12,000 people have been impacted by the flooding across the state with hundreds of residences either destroyed or receiving major damage.

In Mississippi, almost 40 people spent Tuesday night in 7 Red Cross shelters and hundreds of homes have been damaged by the floodwaters. Floodwaters also swamped several counties along the Gulf Coast in Texas where more than 140 people took refuge in shelters Tuesday night. Red Cross responders will be helping with shelter, meals, relief supplies and health and mental health services.

How to Help. Those who would like to help people affected by disasters like flooding and countless other crises can make a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief. People can donate by visiting, calling 1-800-RED CROSS or texting the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. These donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small.