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Servco Hawaii Contributes $25,000 to the Hawaii Red Cross

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"Amidst the chaos and heartbreak, I can extend my hand as an ARC-lifeline"

We are incredibly grateful for Renise Bayne, a Hawaii Red Cross Disaster Volunteer, who nominated the Hawaii Red Cross in Servco's Thanks & Giving Contest, which resulted in a generous $25,000 grant from Servco to the Hawaii Red Cross! Servco received over 4,700 nominations highlighting the positive impact of over 500 nonprofits in Hawaii and selected 10 organizations for a $25,000 grant.  

Here is what she wrote:  

“American Red Cross is a generous organization because they support our military personnel in family emergencies, they present health and safety services, and they provide disaster services by helping our communities to prepare, respond and recover. I am a disaster services volunteer. I no longer sit and watch events unfold on tv and wish I could do something; I get to be a part of the solution! I am thankful for the priceless education and training ARC has given me. Through ARC, I help people in Hawaii and nationwide who have suffered man-made or natural disasters.  I have helped families who not only suffered loss of their personal property, but their sense of self, their identity. Amidst the chaos and heartbreak, I can extend my hand as an ARC-lifeline, and reassure these families that they are not alone. ARC supports them in their steps to recovery. America's donated dollars are extended to these families to give them time to take a breath before they begin their arduous journey in rebuilding their lives. ARC has turned these unfortunate circumstances into learning opportunities to help other families and educate our communities. Each family's situation has opened my heart to be more grateful for the precious time I have been given with my children. I have become vigilant of being better prepared for disasters. I have become more passionate in sharing with everyone to take care of their home and family. ARC’s generosity is irresistible and inspiring!” 

– Renise Bayne, Oahu Disaster Volunteer